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نسعى في هذه الدورة الى تمكين المهندس من استخدام البرنامج بشكل محترف من خلال تفاعله مع مدرب/مهندس للبرنامج في بيئة عمله وان يسعى الطالب الى استخلاص ما هو مهم واهم في خفايا البرنامج ونسعى الى تخريج مهندسين قادرين على اسقاط ما تعلموه في بيئة عملهم وتحسينها.
.تعتمد الدورة على الأمثلة العملية في كيفية نمذجة الخدمات الميكانيكية والخدمات الصحية وخدمات مكافحة الحريق وفق الكودات المحلية والدولية
وسيتقن الطالب ايضا عمل المخططات التصميمية والتنفيذية باستخدام البرنامج الريفيت, وسيتعلم كيفية التنسيق بين الخدمات وفق افضل الطرق والمعايير الهندسية باستخدام برنامج الريفيت و نافس ورك.


Getting familiar With Revit.

Getting familiar With Revit families and how to create them.

Knowing how to model various mechanical services using Revit.

Knowing how to coordinate various mechanical services using Revit.

Knowing how to generate design and shop drawings using Revit.

Knowing how to use Revit to calculate cooling and heating loads.

Knowing how BIM projects are carried out using real life examples of delivered BIM projects.

Getting familiar with Navisworks.

Getting familiar with the concept of LOD.

Getting familiar with common practices in mechanical modeling and solving clashes.


Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Drafters

MEP BIM modelers

BIM Engineers

Mechanical engineering Students

مهندسي الميكانيك

رسامي الميكانيك

مهندسي البيم

طلاب الهندسة الميكانيكية



  • Module 1: Introduction:
    • The definition of Building Information Modelling (BIM), and Introducing Revit as a BIM tool
    • What should I know to get hired by engineering consultant and constructions firms?
    • Why do we need BIM?
    • Exploring the User Interface
    • Explain the Concepts “Project, Family, Project template, and Family template”
    • Brief about the tabs
    • Which tabs and revit features do I need as a Mechanical Engineer?
  • Module 3: How to start a project in Revit as a Mechanical team:
    • Which files, models, reports and CAD drawings do MEP teams need for project kick off?
    • What steps should I follow after receiving these files?
    • What is the difference between “Rooms”, “Spaces” & “zones” and how can we create them?
    • How to modify project units?
    • How to modify project units?
  • Module 4: VIEW CONTROLS:
    • How can I create sections and callouts in Revit?
    • What are Visibility and graphics control in Revit and how to deal with them for smooth workflow?
    • How to create a view template for each MEP system?
    • What are filters and how to create one?
    • Mechanical Equipment & Air Terminal
    • Duct
    • 1.Draw and Control in Dimensions
    • 2.Justify
    • 3.Add Insulation
    • 4.Add Lining
    • 5.Cap Open Ends
    • 6.Sizing
    • Create systems
    • Generate Layout and Automatically Connection
    • Heating and Cooling Loads Calculations
    • Best practices when creating ductwork and pipe work in Revit.
    • How to generate flow rates automatically in Autodesk Revit for each duct and chilled water pipe?
  • Module 6: PLUMBING:
    • Plumbing Fixture & Sprinkler
    • pipe
    • 1.Draw and Control in Dimensions
    • 2.Slop
    • 3.Offset Connections
    • 4.Justify
    • 5.Insulation
    • Create systems
    • Generate Layout and Automatically Connection
    • Best practices when creating drainage, water supply and firefighting piping in Revit.
    • Ducts and pipes angels
    • Ducts and pipes conversion
    • Ducts and pipes size standards
    • Fluids and its properties
    • Pipes slop
    • Calculations related flow in ducts and pipes
  • Module: 8: PLAN VIEW CONTROLS:
    • Draft
    • Legend
    • Sheet (Create Title Block, labels, Sheet Issues/Revision)
    • Duplicate View
    • Callout
    • Scope Box
    • Elevation
    • Clipboard
    • Hide in View
    • Override Graphics in View
  • Module 9: ANNOTATIONS:
    • Dimensions
    • Tags
    • Texts
    • Detail Line
    • Check Spelling
    • Find/ Replace
    • Preparing count quantities survey
    • Define New Parameters
    • Preparing formula quantities survey
    • Sort and modify quantities report
    • Export report
  • Module 11: PROJECT REVIEW:
    • Check Systems
    • Interference Check
    • Export Clashes Report
    • Monitoring Changes in Linked Files
    • Generating fully coordinated revit following the common practices, standards and codes.
    • Generating fully annotated design drawings , shop drawings and asbuilt drawings using Autodesk Revit.
    • Exporting Navisworks models from revit and reviewing the coordination in the project.


Zaid Rbaihat

Very experienced staff and instructors, I took auto desk revit course with eng. Ahmad al rantisi and it was amazing I learned a lot of auto desk skills, I recommend you to register for this course with him.

Amneh Saleh

مركز رائع من كل النواحي افضل الأجهزة و البرامج و الدورات المعتمدة. تجربة تكرر دائما ان شاء الله بمختلف الكورسات المطروحة . و الشكر الكبير للمهندس احمد الرنتيسي يلي تعب معنا بدورة الريفيت ميكنيكال و فادنا بمعلوماته و خبراته الواسعة بالمجال.