The Autodesk Certified User certificationĀ in Revit demonstrates entry-level knowledge using building information software for careers in architecture, interior design, and construction management.

Target Audience
The Autodesk Revit Certified User for Architecture exam demonstrates competency in building information modeling. The exam covers the basic use of the Revit software as well as basic architectural and design practices. An individual earning this certification has approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience with the product, has proven competency at an industry entry-level, and is ready to enter the job market. Candidate Description A successful candidate for this certification is familiar with Inventor features and capabilities, as well as the relevant workflows of building design. They are competent using the core architecture and annotation tools. They can perform basic modeling tasks with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and support services. They can answer routine conceptual and applied questions about how to use Revit without referring basic questions to others. Additionally, they can comprehend a 3D model and have a basic concept of drafting standards.

Exam Roadmap

  • Modeling
    • Work with walls
    • Add doors, windows, and openings
    • Add and edit floors, ceilings, and roofs
    • Place a component
    • Work with grids and columns
    • Work with stairs, ramps, and railings
    • Place rooms
    • Use modify tools
  • Display
    • Use levels to define the height or story within a building
    • Create and modify views
    • Control view display
    • Configure family types
  • Configure family types
    • Create and modify text
    • Create and modify text
    • Use dimensions
    • Create and use schedules
    • Add 2D annotation detail elements to views
    • Create and arrange sheet composition


60 JOD
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