AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate

validates skills and knowledge in core data-related AWS services, ability to implement data pipelines, monitor and troubleshoot issues, and optimize cost and performance in accordance with best practices. If you are interested in using AWS technology to transform data for analysis and actionable insights, this beta exam offers you the opportunity to be one of the first to earn this new certification.

Exam Prep Official Practice Question Set

Exam Roadmap

  • Domain 1: Data Ingestion and Transformation
    • Perform data ingestion
    • Transform and process data.
    • Orchestrate data pipelines
    • Apply programming concepts
  • Domain 2: Data Store Management
    • Choose a data store
    • Understand data cataloging systems
    • Manage the lifecycle of data.
    • Design data models and schema evolution.
  • Domain 3: Data Operations and Support
    • Automate data processing by using AWS services.
    • Analyze data by using AWS services.
    • Maintain and monitor data pipelines
    • : Ensure data quality
  • Domain 4: Data Security and Governance
    • Apply authentication mechanisms
    • Apply authorization mechanisms.
    • : Ensure data encryption and masking
    • Prepare logs for audit
    • Understand data privacy and governance


112 JOD
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