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3D modeling tools, rendering, and visualization
3ds Max® Design software provides a comprehensive 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by architects, designers, civil engineers, and visualization specialists. Validate and sell designs before they are built, and get rapid iteration of designs, accurate daylight analysis, and high-impact visuals and animations.


في هذه الدورة سوف  يتعرف الطالب و باسلوب تفاعلي على البرنامج و يتعلم خلالها كيفية رفع المباني الخارجية و الديكور الداخلي و كيفية  اكسائها بالمواد و ووضع الاضائات بمكانها الصحيح لتحاكي الواقع. و كيفية اخراجها بواسطة مقبس الفيراي بشكل احترافي يلبي طموح طالب الدورة.

يحصل الطالب على شهادات دولية من :

Autodesk & chaosgroup
Students will learn how to create 3D model For an Interior and Exterior Scenes by importing plans & Elevations from AutoCAD. The 3D models include traditional buildings like Villas and multi floors buildings. The Students MUST Apply Projects Both in Lecture & At home. Students will learn how to render the 3D model For an Interior or Exterior Scene Using Photo Realistic Vray Renderer from Chaos Group. The Rendering Process requires applying different techniques of lighting and Vray materials. Student must apply 3 projects one exterior scene and 2 interior scenes in this course during lectures and at home.
To enhance the student knowledge with advanced techniques in 3d max Organic modeling to create organic buildings towers, 3Dmodels with twisted & curved surfaces. The student also learns advanced Vray techniques .Finally the Students should use Adobe photoshop for post-production, And Create 3D Animation to present or visualize the whole project.


For Architects and interior designers.

AutoCAD basic skills required

Window basic skills

Manual design skills

Good engineering background

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